HowTo: Install Sphinx along with MAMP / MAMP PRO on OS X Snow Leopard

mashpie » 23 Juli 2010 » In howto » 6 Comments

The main problem to compile Sphinx on an OS X box is to find the appropriate libraries for MySQL. Fortunately MAMP may serve these in /Applications/MAMP/Library if prepared. This is a brief copy & paste howto.

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CakePHP Component for Payone-API Access

mashpie » 03 Juni 2010 » In cake, howto » 2 Comments

Payone is a german payment system with several product options and clearings. This Component started by implementing the Payone API just from scratch using curl. Thus it doesn’t feature the whole API yet. You should be able to process checkouts on creditcards for both the “Shop” and “Access” based solutions.

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HowTo: Install Memcached with repcached “build-in server side replication” on Debian Lenny

mashpie » 02 Mai 2010 » In howto » 4 Comments

People probably know about memcached ( and its high performance name-value based memory object cache interface. Its main purpose is to provide an easy to use distributed caching engine in a multinode environment. Have you ever wanted to let memcached handle replication?

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HowTo: CakePHP addContain() for all models

mashpie » 03 September 2009 » In howto » No Comments

As of CakePHP 1.2 Behaviours came up and people started working with the “Containable” (see In brief you get much better control over associations and selects on theses in find operations. But when associations grow up in your datamodel things might get overhauling. You’ll have to keep exiting associations while adding contains to your query. This can be simplified by adding an addContain()-Method to your models.

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HowTo: “gem install mysql” on OS X together with MAMP (Mac-Apache-MySQL-PHP)

mashpie » 24 August 2009 » In howto » 2 Comments

railsYou have a running MAMP Workflow on Mac. You are familiar with using Apache, MySQL etc. together. You now just want to try some more… Let’s say Ruby-on-Rails, ok RoR with MySQL and especially with MySQL provided by MAMP. As gem needs header and library of your MySQL-Server things might feel some kind of “boring old compiling stuff” – but it’s easy:

Well after trying some tipps and howtos I finally found the right resource out thereĀ Thanks a lot Mike!

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